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History of IMS

The Indian Music Society (IMS), formerly known as Indian Music Club (IMC), was formed in June 2006 in Bloomington, IL, USA. The brainchild of Dr. Uday Deoskar - who for the past 25 years, has feverishly pursued his love for Indian Music by bringing the genuine art, artists and audiences together, in form of innumerable music events, concerts and baithaks in this region. Supported by many music enthusiasts, the Society was formalized to facilitate this objective.

The Society has presented concerts of renowned artists like Rahul Deshpande (vocal) and Ustad Shahid Parvez (Sitar) in 2006. The Society recently organized a classical, semi-classical music event "Sadhana" presented by local artists. This was an effort to promote Indian music and also educate the audiences about these forms. All these concerts have been very well-received by audiences, who are already excited about the upcoming events!!